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The Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited (RICB) would like to inform all policy holders having life insurance schemes such as Money Back (MBP), Children’s Money Back (CMBP), Ashi Nangsa(AN-NV/AN-LIV) and Millennium Education(MILL-EDU/ME-NV/ME-NV III) that the repayment of certain percentage of the sum assured on a periodic basis known as “Survival Benefit” shall be credited directly into the respective policy holder’s bank account on or after the due date with effect from April 1, 2019. This is being initiated to deliver quality and faster services to the customers.

Therefore, all policy holders having any of the aforementioned policies are requested to kindly visit the nearest RICB Office to update the bank account details or you may kindly send the duly filled-in form via email to

Further, the policy holder having life insurance other than the above-mentioned policies are also requested to update your information.

Please download the customer updation form from claim section of this given link: