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Your Partner for Growth and Security

RICB in collaborative with BDBL introduces “Drongseb Kuendrul Tshe-sog Ngensung”, a micro credit life policy for the benefits of rural clients as a financial Inclusion initiative from RICB and BDBL. The product was launched on 31st January 2013 coinciding with the Silver Jubilee Celebration of BDBL.

PURPOSE : To protect Loan clients of BDBL against unforeseen events.


Life Risk Cover: The compensation payable if a policyholder dies during the policy term is equal to the Sum Assured.
Total Permanent Disability Cover: The benefit payable upon happening of a Total Permanent Disability(TPD) will be equal to the Sum Assured. The following are the TPD specified:-
Loss of both eye sights
Loss of both limbs.
Total loss of hearing with Total loss of speech.
When a person is not able to generate any income due to the accident. eg paralysis

a) Age at entry : Minimum – 18 yrs.

                            Maximum - 60 yrs.

b) Policy term (loan term) : Minimum 1 year.

                            Maximum 10 years

c) Sum Assured : Minimum – Nu. 10,000

                            Maximum - Nu 10, 00,000

d) Mode of payment : Single/Annual Premium.

RISK COMMENCEMENT: The risk of the policy will commence once the RICB receives the premium.

COMPENSATION: The compensation will be paid by BDBL to the nominee after adjustment with the loans.

SUICIDE: The death due to suicide will not be covered.

TAX EXEMPTION: The policy entitles the policyholder to avail 50% tax exemption on the premiums paid annually for Personal Income Tax.

REBATE/DISCOUNT ON MODE: Discount is allowed for Lumpsum / Single Premium Payment.