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Special COVID Relief Program

Your Partner for Growth and Security

RICB/CO/CSRD/TH/2020/9975 10th of September 2020


One-time Special Insurance Offer in Response to COVID-19 While COVID-19 threatened the nations with lives and livelihoods, Bhutan has been fortunate to mitigate its negative impacts. Bhutan put in place a response like no other, to a situation like no other, by a leader like no other. Even so, COVID-19 continues to inflict pain and hardship on the people and economy of Bhutan.
As a very humble support to the Royal Government of Bhutan’s efforts at alleviating the damages of COVID-19, the RICB is offering a one-time program to the people of Bhutan to protect their assets and consequent financial losses.
This humble effort of RICB is to improve the protection of people from financial losses and improve resilience of the people and economy at large.
The detailed special offers are specified hereunder, and the offer stands valid as of 31st of December 2020.
Life Insurance Special Offer
The Life Insurance Policyholders, who had difficulty in updating their policies are now provided with the following opportunities:

Option I

  • A discount of 10% for an upfront payment of delayed premiums
  • No medical report required till the 31st of December 2020, and
  • Submit RICB’s Good Health Declaration Form.

Option II

  • Upfront payment of 50% of the delayed premium and remaining premium within six months in instalment
  • No medical report required till the 31st of December 2020, and
  • Submit RICB’s Good Health Declaration Form. Other terms & Conditions
  • The scheme is applicable only for those policies which have lapsed for more than six months as on 30th of June 2020, since the last date of default.
  • Customers availing the above options are ineligible to cancel their life insurance policies within two years of renewal.
  • Life insurance benefit shall be eligible only after three months of renewal, except under accidental demise and claims under concession period.
  • Policy bonus shall not be applicable for the lapsed period.

General Insurance

  • Up to 10% premium discount for fire and motor insurance renewals;
  • Up to 40 % premium discount for new fire and motor insurance proposals; and
  • Option to pay premium in two instalments for the premium exceeding Nu 50,000.

As always, we are here to serve you. These are unprecedented time, and our top priority remains
in keeping our customers, employees and communities healthy and safe.
Note: Conditions apply. This is only a one time offer