Special COVID Relief Programs Extended

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RICB/CO/CSRD/ 19th of January 2022


In the backdrop of new COVID variants continuing to disrupt lives and livelihood, the RICB is extending our “Special COVID Relief Programs” from 1st of January 2022 – 30th of June 2022 for the frontline workers and the Bhutanese people.
Thus, the RICB will continue providing discounts and waivers for Life and General Insurance to help people, businesses, and the economy cope with these highly volatile and uncertain times.
While our Free Life Insurance for Frontliners are aimed to help our self-less Frontliners, our Life and General Insurance offers is to keep lives and the property of our Bhutanese people protected under times gripped by risks and uncertainty.
With these noble motives, the RICB is offering the following discounts and waivers for both Life Insurance and General Insurance till the 30th of June 2022:
Our “Special COVID Relief Programs” include the following:

Free Life Insurance for the Frontliners: Covers anyone on COVID-19 duty Life Insurance: Life policyholders whose policies have lapsed for more than 6 months as of 31st of December 2021 are offered with the following options to update and revive their policies:
Option I

  • A discount of 10 % for an upfront payment of delayed premiums
  • No medical report required till the 30th of June 2022; and
  • Submit RICB’s Good Health Declaration Form

General Insurance

  • 10 % discount on all expiring policies for motor and fire insurance policies.
  • 40 % discount on all new business for motor and fire insurance policies.
  • Policies with a premium of Nu 50,000 and above can be paid in two instalments.

Note: Conditions apply. This is only a one time offer.