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One of the major risk and capital management tools available to insurers is Reinsurance. Its significance is however hardly known outside the insurance sector. Reinsurance is insurance for insurers. Insurers buy reinsurance for the risks they cannot or do not wish to retain fully themselves. Reinsurers help the industry to provide protection for a wide range of risks, including the largest and most complex risks covered by the insurance system. Reinsurance is a financial transaction by which risk is transferred from an insurance company to a reinsurance company in exchange of a payment. There are two basic methods of reinsurance:

1.Treaty Reinsurance

2.Facultative Reinsurance

Treaty Reinsurance

The treaty reinsurance is a type of reinsurance in which a negotiation is made between the ceding company and the reinsurer. The negotiation is also known as reinsurance contract where each reinsurer holds the specified share of the insurance coverage. The reinsurance company is obliged to accept all contracts within the scope (known as "obligatory" reinsurance). In this type, the risk is distributed and managed among the ceding company and the reinsurers under treaty terms and conditions.

Facultative Reinsurance

The facultative reinsurance is a type of reinsurance in which the negotiation is done separately between the ceding company and the reinsurer for each insurance contract. The negotiation is done depending upon the nature of risk within the terms of contract. Facultative reinsurance is normally purchased when the capacity to hold the insured amount exceeds the treaty reinsurance, which is also referred to as exceeding capacity retention and is non-obligatory.

   Increasing Underwriting Capacity
   Risk Capital Improvement and Diversification
   Provides Stability to results
   Catastrophic Protection
   Provides Global spread
   Skills and Expertise

Proportional Reinsurance

   Quota share Treaties
   Surplus Treaties
   Quota cum surplus Treaties
   Facultative Obligatory Treaties
   Facultative Reinsurance

Non-Proportional Reinsurance

   Excess of Loss Treaties ( Risk/CAT)
   Stop Loss Treaties

Types of reinsurance arrangements:

Forms of Reinsurance

Organogram of the Reinsurance Department



   National Insurance Company Limited
   The Oriental Insurance Company Limited
   General Insurance Corporation of India
   United India Insurance Company Limited
   New India Assurance Company Limited
   L&T General Insurance Company Limited
   Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd
   Reliance General Insurance company Limited
   IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Limited
   Eastland Insurance Company Ltd
   Green Delta Insurance Co. Ltd
   Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd
   Pioneer Insurance Company Ltd
   Pragati Insurance Ltd
   Prime Insurance Company Ltd
   Reliance Insurance Ltd10

Other Countries

   Munich Re, Germany
   Swiss Re, Switzerland
   Hannover Re, Germany
   Korean Re, South Korea
   Trust Re, Bahrain
   Nationale Sussie, Basel, Switzerland
   Asian Reinsurance Corporation, Thailand
   PVI Re, Vietnam
   Kenya Re, Kenya
   Continental Insurance Lanka Limited, Sri Lanka
   Nipponkoa Insurance Company Limited, Japan
   Tokyo Marine Global Re Asia Limited, Malaysia
   Santam Re, South Africa
   Infrassure, Switzerland
   Unity Re, Russia
   Zep Re, South Africa
   Best Re, Malaysia
   CICA Re, Togo
   Sen Re, Senegal
   East Africa Re, Africa
   Uganda Re, Uganda
   Southern Cross Assurance Limited, Papua New Guinea
   Aveni Re, Ivory Coast
   MISR, Egypt

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