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Gasa Branch Office Releases RLI to the Bereaved Families

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Our Gasa Branch Office released Rural Life Insurance (RLI) to the bereaved families of the ten people who lost their lives in the recent flash flood at Tshari-Jathang, Ri-Druzhi, Laya.
A total of Nu 300,000 was released immediately to the gewog to be handed over to the families to meet their financial needs during the difficult time.
Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with the affected families. And we pray for the quick recovery of those injured by the flood.
RLI, for which the government provides Nu 108 as a subsidy is commonly known as Methray in the villages.  Annually Nu 87 is collected against every Bhutanese (Eight years & above), irrespective of where they reside. This insurance claim of Nu 30,000 is released when an individual passes away to reduce the financial burden on the family.