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One of our clients, Wangye shares how our Survival Benefit helped him at a time when he desperately needed some money. 

Kuzuzangpola! Your survival benefit for MILL-EDU/2001/1639 is due on 24-MAY-22. It will be credited to your registered bank acc. no or visit our nearest office. RICB.

See, this is what I received recently. And the message came in the nick of time when I desperately needed the money.

I am thankful to RICB for coming up with such schemes.

It is the second time I’m receiving the Survival Benefit. This time it came at a crucial time.

Although the Sum Insured was quite small but for people like us, nothing is small when invested, compromising and sacrificing many things. And we couldn’t insuree more because our pay in those days was just Nu 3000. And take away pay was about Nu 2800.

So saving was a farfetched dream because our pay was just enough for our food and rental expenses.

But we made it a point to save and insure our lives for the long-term benefit.

Young people must visit RICB and take the opportunity and insure one’s life to stay protected financially and for the long-term financial well-being and benefit.

Insurance is your future saving and it often comes as a blessing when you will need it the most.

Thank you RICB for all the good schemes.

Giving away or saving is little pain because you have to sacrifice a few things but receiving, in the end, is so beautiful as it comes in bulk……lol.

Om Ah Hung Benzra Guru Pema Suddhi Hung

The mind is like a floating feather.
From Wangye