Our Branch Offices Issues Fire Compensations

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Goray Bdr Tamang from Tempaling under Tading Gewog in Samtse Dzongkhag will be able to rebuild his house after receiving our Rural House Insurance compensation. Goray was paying only Nu 100 per year as his Rural House Insurance Premium.
Our Branch Office in Samtse visited the site immediately to release the benefits to help Goray Bdr Tamang and his family to begin the reconstruction efforts. The family lost their home to the fire recently. Our thoughts are with the family to come out of this misfortune stronger and more resilient.
In another fire incident a few months ago, our Bumthang Branch Office compensated Nu 190,000 to Thinley Namgyel after the fire razed his two-storied house in February 2022.
Thanking RICB, Thinley Namgyel said that having insurance provides security and protection. “When you have insurance, you feel safe against any uncertainties of life, which helps you live peacefully,” Thinley Namgyel said.