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Millennium Education Scheme

Free education is only up to high school. If you want your child to go to private school/college the Millennium Education Scheme provides a perfect opportunity to start saving for your child’s college education and more. And the returns are perfectly timed with the age of your child when he/she will require these finances. 

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Tax Rebate

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Survival Benefit

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Premium waiver upon death

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Term rider benefit

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  • Parents/Legal Guardian
  • Parents/Guardian Age: 20 – 50 years
  • Child’s Age: 0 – 10 years
  • Sum Assured: Nu 30,000 – 1,000,000
  • Loan: Ineligible
  • Surrender: After 3 years of the premium payment
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  • Monetary Returns of 20% of Sum Assured from 18th, 19th , 20th, 21st & 22nd year
  • Guaranteed Additions on 23rd year
  • Term Rider Benefit
  • Premium Waiver in the event of untimely demise of proposer
  • 50% Tax Rebate
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