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Silver Jubilee Term Policy Icon

Silver Jubilee Term Policy

If you want to give a shot at saving, our Silver Jubilee Term Policy offers you the perfect opportunity. Our Silver Jubilee Term Policy is so economical and affordable that you will be able to save without even having to compromise on any of your social and fun activities like weekend parties, bar-hopping or window shopping.

In other words you can starting saving with very little. 

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100% Tax Refund Icon

100% Tax Refund

SA upon death Icon

SA upon death

Accident Benefit Icon

Accident Benefit

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  • Anyone with income
  • Entry Age: 18 – 50 years
  • Term: 5 – 25 years
  • Sum Assured: Nu 50,000 – Nu 500,000
  • Paid Up/Surrender: Available after 5 years after the premium payment
BENEFITS Page default image
  • Maturity Benefit – return of premium only
  • Sum Assured guaranteed in the event of untimely demise
  • Accident Benefit
  • Only yearly rebates are allowed
  • 100 % Tax Refund
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